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I love everything beauty, I have a youtube channel and a beauty blog. But that's not all Im about. This blog is a place where I tell you everything else thats not beauty related. I will be doing alot of cool stuff on here. Now you can get to know me and we can share something more than beauty. If you have any requests or questions leave me a comment. I love giving advice.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wrap it up!

It was my boyfriend's, brother's, daughter's birthday. LOL! So I wrapped it all up to go. I had a blast. Her birthday was at a water park and thank goodness it was cause the weather was calling out for it! temperatures reached over 100 and it felt like fire. The water park was so much fun and kept everyone cool. I went on the lazy river.. my favorite! We ate hot dogs, hamburgers, and cup cakes. The birthday girl ended up loving my gift and it was a happy ending for all of us. The End


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