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I love everything beauty, I have a youtube channel and a beauty blog. But that's not all Im about. This blog is a place where I tell you everything else thats not beauty related. I will be doing alot of cool stuff on here. Now you can get to know me and we can share something more than beauty. If you have any requests or questions leave me a comment. I love giving advice.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where's my boyfriend?

Ok so I don't usually like to talk about my personal life on you tube or blogs but, I am going to make an exception on it this time. As you all know, I had a boyfriend. (he was in my Europe video on my beauty channel (here is that video link incase you wanna see who I am talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScefckyCUjQ ) after we came from europe in August, him and I broke up. It just wasn't working out anymore. You see, me and him go along way back. He was the longest relationship I ever had. He was the first and only guy so far that I ever loved. Because of him, I know what love feels like. Love is a crazy feeling because no matter how long it takes for you to feel it, it takes alot longer to get rid of. Yes, once you love someone you can't just not love them anymore out of the blue. If you do, then the feelings you had weren't as strongly as you thought they were. When you really truly feel love for someone you struggle to let go, even if you wanna let go. Any ways, I always knew that I needed to let go of this guy because I wasn't 100% happy. I loved his family, his career, and at one point I loved him. But after so many years of him doing things that hurt me and put me down, that it started to affect my true feelings. I wanted to be with some one that made me feel like I deserve to feel, "HAPPY". It took along time to actually really do it, to take the step I knew I needed to take and let go! I had tried letting go a summer ago and it all fail because I wasn't ready and I wasn't strong enough. But this time I actually did it! And Im so happy! It feels great to be free! I am worth so much more than that and I would like to dedicate a song to me. (This song is how I feel right now here is the link listen to it its great:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a-LkJuMV6c ) I know I am not the only one who feels this way. So If you are in a broken relationship right now. If you feel lost and hurt and you don't feel like you are happy, you need to think about yourself and forget about him. Because he dosn't make you who you are, you make you who you are! I know it may seem hard now but once you do it you will feel like the world is yours and you will finally feel happy! I hope you guys enjoyed my little heart to heart talk .. lol.. I don't usually get all emotional on you but I thought I would be inspirational today! have a happy day everyone. remember if you have any questions please leave them below! bye bye

Soup short cut to yummy!

2 weeks ago I went out with my best friend and lets just say I had a little to much. Well we all know how that feels in the morning.. yes! I was feeling what most people feel the next day "hung over"! I don't drink much but when I do I always like to make some soup to feel better. This is by far the best soup to make when your hung over or any time you want yummy soup but don't wanna have all the hard work of making soup from scrap. Ok, so here is the video hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions write them below. PS: I only added eggs to this but you can be creative with it and add any of your favorite veggie's to make it more interesting! xoxo Steph

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where is Steph??

Hei everyone! Its been a while since I talked to you guys on here! Ok so lets just make this post an update on my blog! School started like 3 weeks ago and its been super busy. I also am in the Miss New Jersey Beauty Pageant this year. I literally have no time for myself and at first it was really getting to me. Thats the first thing I want to talk about. Stress and Time! For the past 2 weeks I have been adding alot of new things to my already busy plans, including school, job interviews, pageant events, traveling plans and more. At the beginning, I was really over whelmed and I felt like there was so much to do that I didn't have enough time to take care of me. My room started to get messy because there was no time ( by the way It really u=bugs me when my room is messy and unorganized) My school work wasn't getting done on time, and I would tend to forget things easily because so much things were going on in my mind. So one day I got home and I just broke down and cried it all out. That day I realized something, I realized that you need to take one thing at a time, So I got my self back to organized. I wrote all my to do's and important dates in my planner, Like due dates for home works, doctors appointments, bill due dates etc. In the morning instead of thinking of the long list of things you have to do, I started from the top. Ok so the first thing I have to do is get ready for the interview (or what ever was first) so I would focus on that instead of having everything at once in my head. Also remember if there is a problem there is a solution, be positive and think of ways you can solve that problem and then move on to the next thing. Now I am finally get into the order of things. I like being busy, but this was a lesson learned in my book. If your going through this problem or ever find your self in a similar situation, just remember, take it one step at a time, don't try to do everything all at once. Any ways now that I said that, let me update yo on what is going on. I am going to be competing in my pageant in a week and a half. 'how exciting" jump jump! Its my first time and I am hoping and praying for the best. Right after my pageant I am going to go to Europe again to my cusions wedding. I am also going to visit all my family since last time I was there I didn't get to see them. Speaking of that, I am no longer with Brian.. I know I know.. Its sad, but I decided that for now I am better off being single. I have alot of things to focus on and he was just not making the cut. Anyways, I only post this kind of info on my blog cause I feel that its a good way to say things like this! Ohhh ya and I am looking for a college part time job, I tried doing a full time job and full time college and it didn't work out to good.. So I am looking for a part time.. I will keep you guys updated on everything, but for now stay tuned. I will try to update all my blogs and YouTube channels more, I just have been M.I.A. but thats because of what I wrote in the beginning of this post.. =) well thanks for subscribing to my blogs. talk to you soon.. kisses and pooh bear hugs! =)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where am I ?

Ok, so I told you that I was going to Europe, right? But where am I in Europe and why? Well I am in ...... drum roll please .......... Starts with a P .. Ends with an L. Ok I will tell you. I am in Portugal.. yay! Why you ask? Believe it or not I am part Portuguese and very proud of it. Im here with my boyfriend and his family. I also have family here and I have visited Portugal many times before when I was younger. I love it here. The last time I was here was when I was 17 years old and I am 22 now sio Its been acouple of years. But I really missed it here.. everything is just better. the food, the air, the people, the beaches, the water. the only thing that sucks here is the Doctors and hospitals and the malls arent as great as the ones in the States. Anyways, just thought I would let you guys know where I was since I did promise you. Oh yeah and I wanted to tell you that before I came to portugal for my vacation I had film so many videos about different things but they didnt upload.. stupid computer. so when I get back I will have to download all those and they wont be recent but I will make new ones as well. ok well I hope you all enjot the rest of your vacation. Muahz xoxo from ~ Portugal

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Europe Update!

Here is an update before I go to Europe! I am going to be posting lots of pictures and videos here on this blog. I will also tell you where I am in Europe. I love you guys. Don't mind my laid back look in this video, I had just finished packing and cleaning and I really needed to update you guys. besides I missed you all =) blog hug!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clean up!

Every morning I wake up and I have this daily routine that I do. I eat breakfast, wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed, shower, etc. One of the things I do in the morning is clean up. I can never feel good when I leave my room a mess so today you will come with me and clean up my room. alittle help.. =)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boyz Boyz Boyz

I want to talk alittle bit about relationships today! I have been thinking about them a lot. ok so, I have a boyfriend right, I have been going out with him for almost 4 years, ever since I was 18 years old. Like in 85% of long term relationship, there is always something wrong with the guy. Sometimes I have a hard time because I want him to be more affectionate, lower the man ego down a couple of levels, know how to comfort me when Im down and know how to talk to me when I have a problem, and say sweet things out of the blue, ughhh..etc... Ok like seriously, us girls we need all that little stuff, it sure makes a big difference in how we feel. Guys just dont understand it. But we always do all the little stuff for them that matter and they dont think we need it to. Ok so first of all one thing that really really really bothers me is when guys cant say sorry to you. I mean why is it so hard to say sorry? I dont get why there has to be a fight or I have to get upset just cause the guy cant get those two words out of his mouth. I wish that they would just understand how you feel and not only say sorry to you when they hurt your feeling but actually explain to you that they didn't mean to hurt you and on and on .. you girls get my point right. I mean it just feels right when they do that because you feel like they really do care about you and how you feel. Another thing that totally gets me is when I have a problem or Im feeling down or Im not in the best of moods and they just avoid it. Like, they dont know how to talk with you and comfort you, you know like make you laugh and make you feel happy again or better about your problem. Instead of helping the situation your in, they tend to make it worst because when they avoid it it feels like they dont care. Its like you love them so much but some things are just to important to you. Even though I love him, the qualities he is missing are way to important to me. I cant be happy with someone without them. You just cant change a person, if they really love you they will appreciate you and try there best to attend all your needs cause you know we all have them. Yes, we all have needs. One thing I am going to tell you girls, dont think your life revolves around your guy cause that will totally make you unattractive over time. guys like someone that has there own thing going on. Not only that, but, if you got your own thing going on, you will always be happy cause all you need is you. I am not in a rush to get married and you shouldn't be either. You got to think about your future, not husband wise, ok lady's. Think about the future, career wise instead! When you do that your perfect guy will come to you, why you ask? well because guys are attracted to that. who doesn't like a smart beautiful girl, right. Anyways girls, thats all the randomness I have for today. ttyl

XOXO Steph

Wrap it up!

It was my boyfriend's, brother's, daughter's birthday. LOL! So I wrapped it all up to go. I had a blast. Her birthday was at a water park and thank goodness it was cause the weather was calling out for it! temperatures reached over 100 and it felt like fire. The water park was so much fun and kept everyone cool. I went on the lazy river.. my favorite! We ate hot dogs, hamburgers, and cup cakes. The birthday girl ended up loving my gift and it was a happy ending for all of us. The End

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ask me?

Its time to talk it out girls! I want you to send me all your questions about ANYTHING. Could be about a boy, a problem, a question, anything. I am going to gather up all the questions and then I am going to do a advice post and an answer post. So start asking away girls! Sometimes it could be hard asking people you know around you, so its always good to have some one like me to lend a helping hand. For example, when I was 14 I believe I was in second grade.I was in class one day, I had gotten my period, (I know TMI lol) and I totally didn't know what to do. I mean my health teacher had talked about it. I just totally blanked out and I was so embarrassed. I felt like everyone would laugh at me. I ended going home later on that day and my mom was so happy for me and I was kind of lost. My point is that it would have been nice to talk to someone like me that could of helpful and understood me. Well with out further to do ASK AWAYYYYY!!!

You can send your Problems, Questions, Stories to Glamorousglitz@ymail.com or just leave a comment here